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Looking for the best place to host a birthday party during COVID?

Good news – you’ve found it!

We handle everything from setup and hosting, to entertainment and cleanup. Our specialists get the work done, so all you have to do is show up and have FUN. Our party experts make it easy to host a party for kids of any age, which is why Soccerplex is an amazing choice for your family’s birthday party.


What about COVID? 

The nose and mouth of players are encased within the bubble made of sturdy PVC material. This ensures that players cannot transmit anything from their mouth to other players. Because of the encasing, even if the players sneeze during the play, the droplets are not released in the open air .

Additionally, players hands are encased within the bubble and it is not possible to touch other players or any surrounding surfaces. This ensures that players’ hand don’t touch any contaminated surfaces.

Your child will have a ton of fun with their friends celebrating their birthday like the good old days. 


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